Hull & District Talking Magazine

Serving the Blind and Partially-sighted in Hull and the East Riding


The editor's job is to select the items of news from the local newspapers. He or she then sorts them out for the readers to read onto tape.

Each editor has their own style, which means the content is never quite the same from week to week.

Editing is done on the Tuesday preceding the recording which is made on the Thursday evening,


The Preparation Teams usually consist of 2 or 3 volunteers. Their job is to: -

1. Empty the mail bags containing the returned postal wallets;

2. Take the memory sticks out of the postal wallets;

3. Erase all the sound from the previous edition.     This is done on a special machine;

4. Turn over the address labels on the front of the postal wallets and book them in using a computerised bar-coding system;

5. The memory sticks are then placed ready for the copying teams.

This job is done on either a Wednesday or a Thursday.


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