Hull & District Talking Magazine

Serving the Blind and Partially-sighted in Hull and the East Riding


There are usually four readers for each edition. The readers' job is to read the news items and feature articles, previously selected by the editors. We have about 20 readers which means that there is a variety of voices on the tape, not just the same few.

Each reader has their own style of reading. So as you can see there is quite a difference in both sound and content each week.

We like to have both men and women reading each week to give a contrast in voices for the listener.

The readers sit round a specially made table in our studio, each with their own microphones.

This job is done on a Thursday evening.


The Recording engineer's job is to make a digital master recording of feature articles and news items. He/she monitors the sound levels during recording and also puts a short piece of music onto each end of the recording.

The Recording engineer will then transfer the recording to a master USB memory stick in readiness for the copying and despatch team.

This job is done on a Thursday evening.

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